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Strategy Bridge

What We Do

Systems Engineering - Your Key To Successful Outcomes 

Today’s challenges demand different ways of thinking. If you want to accelerate your success by better integrating your teams’ efforts, balancing trade-offs and optimizing solutions, Strategy Bridge can help. Our core expertise in applied Systems Engineering – a proven interdisciplinary approach for addressing needs and opportunities – will help you build teams that make better decisions, leading to more successful and sustainable outcomes.

A Proven Systematic Approach

Systems Engineering offers a systematic way to address the interfaces between the people, processes, and products that are often outside the responsibility of any one function or discipline. The Strategy Bridge approach to Systems Engineering incorporates a systems thinking view that integrates and aligns the social, cost, schedule and technical dimensions of any project, reducing the probability of costly rework and schedule delays. These same principles can also deliver substantial improvement to operations when applied enterprise-wide. Strategy Bridge has partnered with U.S. federal government agencies and Fortune 100 companies to develop lasting solutions for the design, development, integration, delivery and reliable operation of systems. Our widely experienced – and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) certified – experts work with you to tailor a strategy to address your exact requirements. We can assess your current competency development program, develop targeted training courses or assist your staff with discrete project challenges.

Major activities of strategic thinking include:

  • Developing a mission that helps your workforce make operational decisions
  • Establishing a set of core values
  • Developing a vision that represents a compelling future state
  • Developing goals that serve as long-term performance targets
  • Developing near term objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bounded, and assigned to someone with appropriate authority and accountability to manage them to completion
  • Assessing and measuring outcomes
  • Establishing effective governance that holds people accountable for accomplishing goals and objectives
  • Communicating progress and statues to stakeholders and the workforce
  • Remaining alert to changes in the environment that could impact your organizations strategy