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Systems Engineering Glossary

Term Definition

The ability, ease, and swiftness to restore a system to functionality after a failure or defect.


The allowances carried in budget, projected schedules, and technical performance parameters (e.g., weight, power, or memory) to account for risk.

Measure of Effectiveness (MOE)

A measure that indicates how well a system achieves intended operational capabilities in its intended environment.

Measures of Performance (MOP)

Quantifiable measures of how well a system is expected to satisfy defined parameters in its operational environment.


A specific definable accomplishment at a given point in time where approval is sought to start or continue into the next phase of the program.


A representation of a real-world process, concept, or system that uses logical expressions to predict how a system might perform under different conditions.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Formal utilization of models to support all technical Systems Engineering (SE) activities throughout the life cycle phases.


A lower level entity derived from a higher level entity during the architecting process.